About Us

Hola Amigos! Welcome to my little corner of the internet, where lifestyle and mental health join together to create a path of self awareness and wellness. 

My name is Anshika Singh, and I’m from New Delhi. This mental health and lifestyle blog is managed by me. I am a graduate student and not any mental health practitioner. I am the person who stands behind this space committed to maintain the authenticity as well as embracing the beauty of existence. I write what I as an individual experienced and dealt with problems with the hope that people can resonate with my stories. It’s an open and sincere understanding of the complexity of the subconscious. Apart from my experience, you will get to know about self care tips, some basic coping mechanisms, self love and empowerment.

Why Blogging?

My writing journey started when I started receiving therapy. I started writing journal since when I realised the power of writing out your thoughts hold. I realised that writing out and sharing it with the world holds great importance as it will help people in a certain way. People will get to know that they are not alone going through from daily life stress, anxiety and various issues.