Health And Hygiene

HealthKart HK Vitals Fish Oil Capsule For Men And Women, 60 Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules (1000mg Omega 3 with 180 mg EPA & 120 mg DHA), for Brain, Heart, Eyes, and Joints Health

Price: ₹355


  • STRENGTHENS JOINTS- HealthKart HK Vitals Fish Oil Omega 3 consists of 1000mg bioavailable fish oil with 180mg EPA & 120mg DHA. These fatty acids help in inflammation reduction for great joint health 
  • BOOSTS MUSCLE BUILDING- HK Vitals Omega 3 Fish Oil has fatty acids that may reduce post-workout muscle soreness, and help with Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and muscle building 
  • IMPROVES HEART HEALTH- These fish oil omega 3 capsules 1000mg contain essential ‘good’ fats needed for optimal heart health. EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) helps reduce cholesterol levels in the body, enhancing heart health 
  • MAINTAINS BRAIN FUNCTION- These omega 3 fish oil capsules for women & men are packed with DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) which helps in the normal functioning of the brain 
  • SUPPORTS SKIN HEALTH- Daily dose of HK Vitals Fish Oil Omega 3 is ideal to promote healthy skin by reducing inflammation and locking in the moisture making it look healthy and glowing 
  • RECOMMENDED DOSAGE- RDA of combined EPA & DHA is 250-500 mg. HealthKart HK Vitals Fish Oil 1000mg provides 300 mg of combined EPA & DHA and easily meets your RDA Omega 3 requirement

HealthKart HK Vitals Multivitamin for Men and Women, 60 Multivitamin Tablets, with Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Multi minerals and Ginseng Extract, Enhances Energy, Stamina & Immunity 



  • FORTIFIED WITH HERBS & AMINO ACIDS: HealthKart HK Vitals Multivitamin is a scientifically formulated and clinically studied supplement with the goodness of Ginseng extract, Taurine, amino acids, vitamins & minerals. It is fortified with 9 essential amino acids that the body can’t synthesize on its own 
  • ENHANCES IMMUNITY & FOCUS: These multivitamin tablets contain Ginseng which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes immunity, focus, concentration & alertness 
  • BETTER ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Taurine is an essential amino acid included in these multivitamin tablets that helps boost athletic performance and potentially lowers blood sugar levels in the body. It revitalizes the body and also improves metabolism 
  • SUPPORTS BONE HEALTH: This multivitamin for men and women has Vitamin D3 and Magnesium that helps improve bone health. Consume one multivitamin tablet daily or as prescribed by your healthcare professional to avail its multiple benefits 
  • FSSAI CERTIFIED: HealthKart HK Vitals Multivitamin Supplement is manufactured in a FSSAI-certified facility that is GMP certified. These daily multivitamin tablets are FSSAI complaint 
  • NOTE FROM AMAZON: This product is protected by Transparency, which verifies a unit’s authenticity and enables you to view rich information about the product you purchased. When you receive your product, please look for the Transparency logo and code, which is printed on the product’s cover. You can scan it to verify its authenticity with the Transparency app or Amazon shopping app.

Kapiva Wild Amla Juice 1L | Suitable for healthy Hair & Skin | Detox juice for weight loss | Natural Source of Vitamin C | Organic & Natural Juice Made With Cold Pressed Amla from Pratapgarh | No Added Sugar 

Price: ₹249


  • Natural Source of Vitamin C -The vitamin C-rich amla is the key ingredient of the juice. Compounds like tannins present in the herb make it a natural immune booster and an antidote for clear digestion. Organic Amla juices are an easy and more convenient source of vitamin C than amla powder that require dissolving in water 
  • Cold Pressed Amlas – Our wild amlas are sourced from the alkaline soils of Pratapgarh, UP. Wild amlas are smaller in size with less water content and more nutrient concentration. We cold-press them for juice extraction to retain the maximum nutrition. Since no chemical processes are involved, you only get the most natural and healthy amla juice 
  • Hair Care & Nourishment – Enriched with potent antioxidant properties and vitamin C, the wild amla juice not only strengthens hair follicles for effective hair growth but it helps in reducing hair fall 
  • Helps in Skin Brightening & Skin Care – Kapiva Wild Amla Juice helps in providing a healthy skin as it is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and also helps in digestion, which leads to better skin health 
  • Helps in Digestion – Amla is known to help in improving metabolism thus leading to better digestion and gut health.

PEE BUDDY Toilet Seat Sanitiser Spray – 100 ml | Vanilla Fragrance



  • Freshens up the toilet: Leaving the toilet smelly for the next person can be problematic & embarrassing. Spray the toilet deodorizer and disinfectant to refresh it. 
  • Kills 99.99% germs: Public toilets contain millions of infection-causing germs. The spray eliminates 99.99% of these germs and makes it fit for use. 
  • Public toilets: Spray on door knob, hand faucet, tap, basin and seat of the public toilet to ensure safety from germs. Use before & after using the toilet. 
  • At home: Since the toilet at home is much cleaner, spray the deodorizer after use to make it fit for your roommate/ partner. 
  • Convenient toilet experience: With it, you don’t have to hold your breath, nor your pee. No squatting, wiping or UTIs. Convenient toilet experience is now only a spray away!




  • HYGIENIC: Our No 1 Hygienic Protection 
  • LEAK PROTECTION: Upto 100% Leak Protection* (Based on P&G Technical Data) 
  • COVERAGE: Nearly 40% Longer Pad for long lasting coverage 
  • LOCKS WETNESS & ODOUR: Locks wetness and odour with Dual Action Gel 
  • DRY: DRI Weave cover that absorbs in seconds 
  • FRESH: Delightful scent for all day freshness.

Dettol Antiseptic Liquid for First Aid , Surface Disinfection and Personal Hygiene , 1 Litre



  • ANTISEPTIC LIQUID: Protects from 100 illness causing germs 
  • MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER: Great for everyday personal and home hygiene 
  • USAGE: Ideal to be used for First Aid, cleaning cuts and wounds. 
  • DISINFECTANT LIQUID: Antiseptic Liquid used to disinfect household items and surfaces. 
  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED: All Dettol products are recommended by the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

Games And Entertainment

PRIME DEALS Wooden Blocks 51 Pcs 4 Dice Building Blocks Game Challenging Wooden Tumbling Tower, Wooden Stacking Toys with Dices Board Educational Puzzle Game for Adults and Kids (Wooden)



  • This is one game that children and adults can play together, has no learning curve and never gets old or boring. It’s a simple equation. Gather your friends together, throw in a lot of laughter and a little attitude, and get the party started. Pull the block, stack it on top, and hope the tower doesn’t crash down. this is the easy game that you can play anytime, anywhere – and any way you like 
  • Play like REGULAR Wooden Blocks Stacking Game or Play with Dice and Total and remove as per total. Make the Game more challenging for adults and teach kids addition or multiplication in fun way. It also acts as a stacking toy for kids 
  • It’s fun for all ages too, as some blocks from the bottom of the tower are pulled to make it taller who will make the tower fall, great for family game night 
  • Only using one hand to remove blocks helps hand-eye coordination and self-control. Hold your breath as you remove a block and wait to see if the timber tower topples. 51 wooden blocks with 4 dices 
  • Enjoy the classic tower stacking game from ages 3-50. Loads of fun for one or two players, or more. To set up the timber tower place three blocks per layer crosswise .

ZARQITO Scrabble Board Game, Word, Letters Game for All Ages

Price: ₹749


  • Unisex 
  • Scrabble is the classic word game 
  • Make the best word you can using any of your 7 letter tiles drawn at random 
  • Your word must use a letter tile already in play on the board 
  • Scores are given for letter values and are boosted by premium squares on the grid

VGRASSP Handheld Video Game Console, Retro Mini Game with 400 Classic Sup Game TV Compatible for Kids, Rechargeable 8 Bit Classic – Colour and Design as per Stock

Price: ₹649


  • Built-in 400 Classical Games: It’s a good gift for your children, friends, both boys and girls will like it. Adapted AV Cable: Applicable to TV system, so that you can easily enjoy vivid and exciting games on a big screen. 
  • Perfect gift for children, retro game lovers, collectors, etc 
  • Play Longer: 600 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, supports up to 3-4 hours of continuous game play 
  • Easy to use: Just switch on and play. Cable to connect with TV included.

Jio Dive 360° VR Headset | Enjoy Live Cricket Like TATA IPL, WPL & All Team India Matches in 360° All Year on Jio Cinema|YouTube 360° Videos | 4.7”-6.7″ Screen Size | Android & iOS Phone Support – Black



  • Enjoy live cricket like Tata IPL, Tata WPL & other team India matches in 360° all year long on JioCinema with JioDive 
  • Get access to the largest collection of 360° VR content & experiences. Watch 6,000+ movies, 1,000+ TV shows with JioCinema & 1,000+ Live TV channels with JioTV XR 
  • Watch Live Cricket, movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos in 360° (for Android users only), 3D games & learning apps via JioImmerse. JioImmerse app is the gateway to 360° VR content 
  • Can watch movies & TV shows comfortably while lying down or in a seated position 
  • JioDive can be worn comfortably over spectacles 
  • Accessible to all Indian phone numbers. Works with every network & WiFi 
  • Supports 700+ smartphones with phone sizes up to 6.7 inches, supports Android 9+ and iOS 15+ with Gyroscope & Accelerometer sensors. Please check phone compatibility on the JioDive website 
  • Adjust the side wheels to fix blurry picture quality and adjust the center wheel to fix double imaging. Please note the quality of content is dependent on the display resolution of your smartphone and the internet speed

Mattel Uno Playing Card Game for 7 Yrs and Above for Adult, set of 112 cards

Price:  ₹130


  • Toys and Games 
  • Feature 1 : Contains: 2 Set of Cards.Rechargeable : No 
  • Feature 3 : For 2 – 10 Players 
  • UNO Cards are made of quality paper 

Funskool Kid Games,Tambola 2 in 1 Game, A Complete Family Entertainment Game, Reusable Tickets, 2+ Players,Ages 7 and Above, 

Price: ₹308


  • Number of Pieces: 1 
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Included Components: Cards 
  • Dimensions: 40 x 20.5 x 4 Cm; Ideal for: Kids 
  • Style Name: Classic; Item Type Name: Games & Puzzles